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Fehr Editorial is . . .

Jack Fehr and I'm Making Sense of Financial-Speak tm  for some of the biggest names in financial services and insurance. While I write primarily about financial topics, as a former daily newspaper journalist I can and have addressed many topics.

For 25 years, a Who's Who of Fortune 500 companies have depended on me to provide content on time and on message.

Providing content about . . .

• Personal finance topics, including budgeting, insurance and saving for multiple financial goals

• Retirement, college, estate and tax planning

• Retirement plan changes and enrollment features

• Annuities and life, health, disability and long term care insurance

• Wealth management and retail banking

• Personal and commercial insurance

• Retail and institutional investing topics, including alternative investments

• Captive insurance and risk management

• Non-financial subjects dealing with everything, ranging

Providing content for. . .
• Novice financial and insurance consumers
• Sophisticated investors
• Financial advisors 
• Retirement plan participants, sponsors and advisors 
• Wealth management clients
• Small business owners
• Life, health and commercial insurance agents
• Captive insurance company and risk retention group owners

With writing that . . .

Educates, informs, inspires, engages, excites, entertains and sells.